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My specialization are in the following areas:


Trauma has an impact on how we view ourselves and the world, as well as how we relate to people. Trauma is the natural psychological emotional response of freezing, fleeing, or fighting when we are experiencing an actual highly stressful threat. The brain and body are affected as well. The emotional wound can cause suffering making it difficult to heal. The brains natural response is to move towards healing, but often it gets into a place where there is wall, for healing to take place. Trauma can leave you feeling alone and fearful. 
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Processing) is beneficial in the treatment of trauma in bringing relief and healing of the past in order to live in the present and future. Michelle is EMDR trained and currently working on Certification. In addition, if you are a person of faith, Christian trauma counseling help reclaim life through Christ based recovery integrated within therapy.

Below is a video explaining what EMDR is:  Also see FAQ's on Emdr


Anxiety can interfere with our daily functioning, whether it be constant worry over situations, events, and it can feel overwhelming. Choices can feel difficult. As your therapist  I will work with you to develop healthy coping skills that can decrease anxiety. 


Grief and Loss

Loss in life is unavoidable and can include losing a loved one, unfulfilled dream, to the loss of health. Healing is necessary, but can be difficult to deal with alone. The experience of grief is described with sadness, feeling alone, a longing and regret. Some individual feel stuck in grief, counseling can help you through the process.

Grief and Loss

Memories are often what we are

left with, memories to honor. 

Spiritual Development
Spiritual Development

 Are you experiencing uncertainty of your beliefs or have lost a sense of God's affirmation? Are the feelings of discouragement, disappointment, disillusionment overwhelming your purpose and direction? Has the internal injury of neglect or offense paralyzed you in trust and direction? Are you an isolated leader with much responsibility, managing others emotions while yours are neglected or unresolved?  Is burn out creating a new definition of exhaustion, anger, betrayal and unmet needs with wanting to quit? Church is often a place of a healing community, however, it is common for people to experience hurt and discouragement. Leaders or spiritual caregivers may experience vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and moral injury. Yet it is also common for people  and leaders to grow and flourish in community . Allow me to walk alongside you as you journey on faith and the struggles you face.

Areas I do not Treat

Because you deserve to have the best quality care, and to work with someone who has the structural capacity and training focus appropriate to your needs, I want you to know that I do not treat the following issues: (Exception only for those in recovery of substance abuse, and managed Bipolar Disorders wanting Adjunct Emdr where I would collaborate with your primary therapist).

  • If eating disorders come up in therapy, I will either refer you to someone with that specific specialty or ask that we add an expert to your team.

  • I am unable to treat psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, etc..)

  • I am unable to treat spectrum disorders, in addition to..

  • Bipolar I or II, personality disorders

  • I am unable to treat any active substance abuse.

  •  I am unable to treat clients with recurrent self-injurious behavior ( cutting, burning, etc..) or who need intensive outpatient programs.

  • I do not treat domestic violence and/or disputes.

  • I do not provide court mandated treatment or assessments or provide FMLA, Workmans comp assessments. 

  • I do not provide court mandated family treatment.

  • I do not provide parenting plans or custody evaluations, or mediation.

  • I do not work with DID

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