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Initial Evaluation: $200

Private pay sessions are $150  Individual/Marriage

Marriage Counseling

Unfortunately marriage counseling is not covered by most insurance plans. Whether or not a therapist is in network or not of an insurance company. 


 EMDR-Insurances usually cover 53-60 minute EMDR sessions which is offered but insurances will not cover anytime beyond.

EMDR Intensives

Unfortunately insurances do not cover intensives. EMDR intensives are an effective way to treat trauma in the shortest amount of time. These are available and tailored to your needs at the 3 hour block hours for 1-3 days at $150/hr or over two weeks for two days at 3 hour block hours every other day (ie. Monday and Wednesday. Includes a 90 minute pre-interview and  90 minute post interview and 2 hours of  workbook review. This is a package, call for info.

Weekend EMDR intensives- Saturday Only no other service provided on Saturday except intensives

3 hour block hour at $195/hr.  Includes a 90 minute pre-interview and  90 minute post interview and 2 hours of  workbook review. This is a package, call for info

Please call for more info on 3 hour intensive sessions of EMDR packages .

Adjunct EMDR

Emdr that is provided while a client is with a primary therapist. Options are provided for the client and primary therapist to choose what would be beneficial for them. Therapist may 

call for info and to schedule a brief consult regarding this service.

I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). No checks.

Benefits of Private Pay Counseling

Paying out of pocket can offer many benefits. Private pay can provide extra confidentiality, including added protection that any given diagnosis will not be released or deemed a preexisting condition with your insurance company. This may be beneficial you if you are concerned about your employer finding out you are going to counseling. It also allows you to have more control over the focus of treatment and the length, since your services will not be regulated by your insurance company.



First Choice Health Network (FCHN)

Kaiser Permanente

Verify your insurance benefits directly prior to session. 

No Surprise Act /Good Faith Estimate

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