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You have stories and are walking on life's journey. Your story often carry pain, grief, hardships. As a result you become impacted personally, relationally, emotionally, and physically. Some things you may be experiencing are anxiety, fear, anger, difficulty in sustaining healthy relationships, self doubt, low self esteem, feeling like you are not enough. Often these are connected to the stories and patterns that we repeat from the past into the present, making it difficult to navigate the present and the future. Shame and isolation are often accompanied with what you experience and results in not being processed. When it is not processed it becomes a personalized wound of definition instead of a scar of experience, resulting how it affects how you view yourself and the world around you. Your coping skills become affected as shame has been unprocessed, which then keeps you from living a life of purpose, authenticity, and possibilities. Your unprocessed trauma and negative relational patterns becomes the norm which at times include self sabotoge or the sabotage of others, and the patterns are often repeated.  The journey in counseling opens the door to include both the positive things of life while simultaneously existing with the sorrow of the past. As your therapist I will work with you to begin to journey into authenticity towards self and others. It will take strength and courage to allow grief and feel the sorrow of the past, yet feel and acknowledge the positiveness in life.

About Me

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling from Western Seminary now known as The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have been in the field of counseling for the last 25 years. As a professional and person of faith, if faith is an important part of your journey I am skilled and able to integrate both Christian faith and how faith may be impacted with life issues, as well as beneficial in your healing process. I have worked with families, Individuals, couples, children, and teens in several cities of the United States. I am also familiar with the military culture having worked with all branches and lived in the military community for 10 years, and have also worked with the Latino community for 15 years. I am passionate about helping people be free from the pain of the past and in working with attachment issues, childhood wounds and trauma, grief and loss, anxiety,  spiritual development, family dynamics, life transitions, and couples struggling in relating to one another. I am a Certified Trauma Specialist through International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP). I also speak and teach internationally on trauma, mental health, and on spirituality. Having gone to South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Education: Masters of Arts in Counseling from Western Seminary now known as (The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology) 2001.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Social Services from Seattle Pacific University 1994. 



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Welcome! Areas of Services


Individual therapy can help with processing the diffiuculties, hardships, and pain in life. With desire to change. It can help identify unhealthy thoughts that are negative, and at times self sabotaging, unhealthy relational patterns and unhealthy views of self and others. Therapy can help in a way to make healthy choices, setting boundaries and looking into life patterns that set a person in a cycle, in order to live with a better outlook of self, others, have healthier relationships and a thriving life.


 Whether you have been married for a few years or many years, being in relationship can pose many challenges. Marriage therapy can help increase trust, communication, emotional safety to enhance intimacy. When there are hurt emotions, resentment over time can lead to lack of communication and disconnection, feeling as if all hope is lost. The hope and dream of a loving life long relationship feels hopeless and unachievable. Therapy can help in learning to identify stressors, values, have healthier communication, problem solving skills, as well as coping skills. It can help unravel miscommunication with the willingness to change from both partners. Therapy may also help with defining commitment levels.


Our past forms our formative years as children, and we become adults, we often repeat the same patterns, same roles into our own families as adults. Taking a deep look into ourselves and the dynamic it plays into the family will help. There is hope for the family in looking at the relational dynamics, communication with children and parents to help bring healing, healthy boundaries, and expectations. 

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